University of Iowa Releases Emergency Evacuation Plan for Kinnick Stadium Before First Home Game - Iowa Vs. Iowa State

The plan is a precautionary measure for so fans understand where to exit the stadium in an emergency. Last year, officials had to evacuate Kinnick Stadium due to a severe thunderstorm.

From news release:

Kinnick Emergency Evacuation Plan shared with campus, community

Charles Green, University of Iowa assistant vice president and director of public safety, reminds everyone from UI faculty, staff, and students to the general public to be aware of the Kinnick Emergency Evacuation Plan as the first home football game approaches this weekend.

In a mass email to UI faculty, staff, and students, Green reminds everyone:

"As the first home football game approaches, along with multiple wins, we are also planning for a safe and enjoyable football season for all.  Last year we experienced a rare occurrence with the evacuation of Kinnick Stadium due to a severe thunderstorm.  Hopefully, we will never have to experience another evacuation at Kinnick.  Because there are no guarantees, we want to share our Kinnick emergency exiting strategy with everyone.  We have prepared a short power point to acquaint the public with our emergency exit plan for Kinnick Stadium."

To view the power point, visit http://police.uiowa.edu/assets/Uploads/KINNICK-EMERGENCY-EVACUATION.pdf

"While we hope there will be no need to use the plan, it is important for everyone to be aware of their closest exit if the need should arise," Green says.


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