School Board Member Tuyet Dorau Running for Re-Election

Dorau is running for one of three open seats in the upcoming school board election.

Media Release

Tuyet Dorau, 2010 Wedgewood Pl., decided to follow the advice she gave high school graduates at commencement this year; “When you find something you believe in, work for it” and has decided to run for re-election to the school board.

Tuyet’s belief in the power of education and in the Iowa City Community School District has helped her make the decision to run for re-election in this year’s School Board race. She is running for one of three open seats in the Sept. 10 election.

Tuyet believes the ICCSD is facing difficult issues that require candidates who are willing to challenge the status quo, think outside the box and make the tough decisions that will be in the best interests of the entire school district.

Tuyet and her husband, Marc, have one son, Alec, who is enrolled at West High School. Tuyet is a graduate of Iowa City West High and the University of Iowa. She currently works for the nationally-ranked Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics coordinating multi-site clinical trials. Prior to being elected to her 1st term on the School Board in 2009, she held a variety of roles in the Iowa Democratic Party such as, a Johnson County Platform Committee Member, the Iowa Democratic Party Platform Chair and served on the Iowa Democratic Party Steering Committee. 

She has also served as a member of the Johnson County Community Foundation Grants Committee, Johnson County Juvenile Justice Board, Kate Wickham Elementary Site Council, treasurer of Cub Scout Pack 2000, Popcorn Kernel for Boy Scout Troop 2000 and as treasurer for the West Youth Tackle Football Organization.

While attending the University of Iowa, she co-founded the University of Iowa Student Global AIDS Campaign, served as Chair of the Student Organization Recognition Board and served one term as Student Supreme Court Justice. 

As a product of the ICCSD, she is extremely proud of her roots. However, she believes, “We must challenge ourselves to continually raise our expectations. We should raise our goal from being the best district in the state to being one of the top districts in the country. We must make sure that every child in our district is armed with the power of education.”

She further states that, “We are very lucky to be in a school district with so many parents and community members who are passionately engaged in our children’s education.

Her family is excited about her renewed candidacy, believes in the work she has done on the school board and that she will continue to be an excellent board member.

According to her husband, Marc, “Tuyet comes from a very humble background as a refugee and has worked her way to where she is today. Her diverse background has helped her remain very even keeled and see many different points of view. Tuyet is the type of person who looks at the long-term impact of decisions."

Having grown up in poverty and being a product of a single parent household for many years, Tuyet knows from first-hand experience that education can be the great equalizer in society. Tuyet strongly believes the community deserves school board members that take a long term view with the goal of building our district into one of the top districts in the nation over the next 10 years.

At the same time, she feels that all decisions must be fiscally responsible and all board activities should be conducted in a transparent and fair manner. In her first term, Tuyet developed a strong track record of being the moderate voice in the midst of very emotional issues.There are more issues that she hopes to address in her next term as a school board member and looks forward to meeting people from around the community to hear their views and concerns.
Julie VanDyke August 01, 2013 at 08:41 PM
I'd like her better if she'd responded to Murley's email about how much an external audit of the business office was needed when he sent it well prior to the last election. She didn't even respond...being on the Finance Committee at the time, perhaps even Chair at that point, she did not respond. The only director that responded to Murley's cry for help from Paul Bobek and the administration he'd inherited at that time came from Director Cooper who pretty much told Murley to be quiet until after the election...Patti didn't respond either...I FOIA'd it all...can't wait to share it with folks. Remember, this woman also promised to look at every line of the consent agenda district payments, and was on the Finance Committee most if not all of her reign, but missed the double counting error that almost laid off 22 teachers, the fact that Paul Bobek was using money from the General Fund (yes the one that teachers are paid out of) to fund the Family Resource Centers instead of the money that was earmarked from SILO for it and because of the original RPS statement, it can't be paid back to the general fund either, no biggie, just another million or two...Tuyet's fiscal conservatism only appears in play when it's Iowa City or Hills that needs something, god forbid it be City High that needs the item...all she does is criticize items needed for the East Side (although she is very much in favor of large McElementary schools) unless it's closing down smaller schools to build elementary child factories that deliver the best bang for her buck.


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