VIDEO: Iowa City Public Access TV Organizers Looking for Support at Public Hearing over Contract Tonight

The public hearing is tonight at 5:30 p.m. at Iowa City Hall.

In a letter published in the Iowa City Press-Citizen today, Josh Goding and Yale Cohn with lobbied for the public to show up and give the public access channel some support tonight when its contact with the city comes up for its annual renewal review with the city council.

The public hearing, for the review where the public may speak for against the channel, is at 5:30 p.m. at Iowa City Hall. Cohn, a contributor to this site, picked out some PATV programs he felt might be generally representative of what the channel has to offer so people can know the value the station brings.

Click on the videos in the gallery next to the article for this PATV sampler. Here are links to these shows.

Sports Opinion

Live & Local

Education Exchange

Live from Prairie Lights

Tom's Guitar Show

The Smartest Iowan

Access Iowa City

Talking With


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