Michele Bachmann Gets it Wrong...Again

In an e-mail sent to supporters in Iowa this morning, presidential hopeful says it's time to elect an Iowan to the White House. What would Herbert Hoover say about that?

Boy, that Michele Bachmann sure does have a way with words. If only she'd scrutinize her fiery talking points to ensure they don't run astray of the facts.

In an e-mail sent to her Iowa supporters Tuesday morning, Bachmann wrote: "Iowans understand the facts at stake -- our nation is headed for disaster under President Obama and the only way to undo the damage is by electing a consistent conservative to Washington. Friend, it’s time to elect and send an Iowan to the White House!"

Bachmann seems to have forgotten about one of Iowa's most famous presidents when making that statement. Herbert Hoover, the nation's 31st president, was born in West Branch. You can still visit his boyhood home, and even his gravesite there. Most grade-schoolers in Iowa still take field trips there. 

And then there's Franklin Roosevelt's vice president, Henry Wallace. He was born in Adair County. And Ronald Reagan. He may not have been born here, but after spending four years as a radio personality with WHO in the 1930s, Iowans still claim him as one of their own.

It's not the first Iowa-themed flub for the Minnesota Congresswoman. On the eve of the announcement of her bid for president, Bachmann told reporters, "I want [voters] to know, just like John Wayne is from Waterloo, Iowa, that's the spirit I have too."

Actually, the iconic screen legend was not from Waterloo, but Winterset. John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer, was born in Waterloo. Oops!

U.S. history is not Bachmann's forte, either. In a speech to the Republican Liberty Caucus in New Hampshire in March, she was quoted as saying: “What I love about New Hampshire and what we have in common is our extreme love of liberty. You’re the state where the shot heard round the world in Lexington and Concord."

The 1776 battles of Lexington and Concord occurred in Massachusetts.

Bet Mitt Romney knew that.

Bachmann Chided for Getting Political Facts Wrong, Too

According to Politifact.com, Bachmann has a history of saying all the wrong things, especially when it comes to her competition. Of the 53 statements the site has fact-checked, 38 are considered "false," "mostly false" or "pants on fire" which basically means, well, she's wrong. Really wrong. 

In the Dec. 15 debate in Sioux City, Bachmann argued that "my facts are accurate." In a post from FactCheck.org, her statements were once again proven - you guessed it - incorrect.

On "Meet the Press" Sunday, the presidential candidate had a couple of exchanges with host David Gregory over the validity of her statements on Social Security and the debt. Among the inaccuracies:

  • Bachmann said she didn't support the payroll tax cut because "it denied $111 billion to the Social Security trust fund" and "put senior citizens at risk." That's false. The shortfall will be covered by the government's general fund.

  • She said, "There isn't one shred of evidence that [the payroll tax cut] created jobs." Actually, there's plenty of evidence. Several economists say extending the cut will boost employment, and the unemployment rate has gone down since the tax decrease took effect.

  • Bachmann gave a false comparison of the increase in the debt under President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush, using a deficit figure for Bush that makes the debt under Obama look worse.
  • Bachmann's poll numbers have steadily slipped in recent months, now sitting in single digits. She failed to land a conservative religious group's endorsement today, and another round of fact-checking gaffes only addes to her problems with the caucuses two weeks from today.

    Bob Loblaw December 20, 2011 at 08:07 PM
    One more point to make, the author points out (accurately) Bachmann's false claims --- but doesn't back them up with evidence. If you aren't standing at the church pulpit, you can't make broad assertions without evidence. Please, next time, just visit factcheck.org and *at least* copy what they have written (and cite them) as evidence --- at least you won't leave us feeling that we must simply "trust" the author. This is a very poorly written article --- I don't say it to be mean, but in hopes that your next one will be better researched and defended.
    Deb Belt December 20, 2011 at 09:29 PM
    Jody cites factcheck.org high up in the story, for the credit on researching the policy missteps. As for not saying first, that is the way most people will read it. It's certainly how I took her message.
    Scott Raynor December 20, 2011 at 09:41 PM
    I aggree with Megan, but I like the context at the bottom of the story. On a side note: Mr. Loblaw, why aren't you aren't gracing Iowa Patch with your law blog, instead of merely lobbing law bombs?
    jenny December 21, 2011 at 02:54 AM
    Maybe Michelle Bachman would do better in the polls if she were to name Randy Travis as her choice for vice-president. Ron Paul 2012!
    Robert Wittner December 22, 2011 at 02:21 PM
    This blog is amusing in its ignorance. MB did not say "It's time to elect the only Iowan ever elected to the White House". She said it's time to elect an Iowan. Patch is so eager to propagate anti-Bachmann blogs that Patch shows its ignorance of simple English grammar!


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