Iowa City Landfill Cleanup Begins Today

The long process of cleaning up the burnt rubber at the Iowa CIty Landfill is scheduled to begin today.

Months after the shredded tire fire added the words "" to the daily conversation in Iowa City clean up is scheduled to begin today at the Iowa City Landfill.

Rick Fosse, head of the city's public works department issued a release work stating that the work will include the uncovering and disposal of ash and debris on the 7.5 acres of landfill space that were affected by the fire. Since the fire is still smouldering, this work could stir up temporary clouds of smoke, and smouldering materials will be extinguished on site.

Fosse wrote that the work is expected to take two months to complete.

The city recently got some good news on the landfill fire cleanup, when it was determined that the waste generated by the rubber that made up the landfill's drainage system would not require special methods to remove. This will save the city up to $2 million in costs in addition to the estimated $4 million worth of damage caused by the fire.


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