Iowa City Council Election Voting Guide

The citywide city council election is Tuesday, and as many as four new candidates will be elected. This handy voter's guide will help you decide who to favor with your votes.

Seven city council candidates have entered the electoral arena. Only four will exit victorious Tuesday night. If you're ready to do your civic duty, here's your one-stop location to find out where to vote and to help you decide who gets your vote.

Voting Times: Polls open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m 

Voting Location: The same place you always vote. (Don't know where that is? Find it here)

Who Can Vote? All Iowa City residents who are eligible to vote.

What are we voting for? There are currently four At-Large candidates, two District A Candidates and only one District C candidate vying for spots on the city council. You will be asked to pick two candidates from the four At-Large, one of the two District A candidates, and Jim Throgmorton. Note: Although they are separated into different districts, everyone in Iowa City gets to vote on them.

Here is a list of candidates.

Was my explanation too confusing? Here is a sample ballot.

And here are some statistics of people who have voted early.

Candidate Info:

Local politics blogger John Deeth weighs in on the election. 

Here's who raised the most money.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen endorses Hayek, Payne, Throgmorton and Dobyns.

The Gazette endorses Hayek and Patel for At-Large. Dobyns for Distict A. I do not endorse how hard the Gazette made it to find their endorsements.

The Daily Iowan had a special letters to the editor edition focusing on the city council election.

Iowa City Patch endorses getting out to vote, for whomever you like.

Candidate Profiles:

I also attached the video interviews I was able to find on YouTube. Let me know if there is any media out there that I have missed*, and also feel free to submit notes of support for any of the candidates in the comments section.

*In addition, from what I can find, Matt Hayek, Raj Patel, Rick Dobyns, Jim Throgmorton and Jarrett Mitchell all have Facebook pages.

Stephen Schmidt October 11, 2011 at 12:09 AM
Post your candidate endorsements here in the comments section!


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