Weird Iowa: Raucous 'Dancer' at Pride Parade, a Busload of Nuns, Doggie Doo, and Bar-Hopping Baby

This week we feature a bar-hopping baby, a gay pride parade marcher who allegedly got too raucous, a homeowner in trouble for peeing off his porch, a discussion of how to dispose of doggie doo, and old school burglary.

You never know where our Weird Iowa feature will lead week-to-week. This week we've landed on a bra bandit, plus nuns on a bus tour, a man questioned by police for urinating off his porch, and a man dancing too aggressively.

Marion police were called to the home of Jeffrey Wooten, 50, after neighbors reported . When police arrived on the scene, he was inside his house; since officers found him in his home he could not be charged with public intoxication.

While Iowa City is known for its laid-back lifestyle, you can apparently party too hard. A Los Angeles man was charged June 16 with interference with official acts and disorderly conduct: making loud and raucous noise,  Michael Steven Oren, 52, allegedly yelled obscenities during the parade, and later jumped onto the stage, interrupting musicians and yelling.

Think old-school for this Iowa City police item. An Indianapolis man was charged with possession of burglary tools and third-degree attempted burglary, after police allege Officers questioned Curtis Wayne Lewis, 56, of Indianapolis at the scene and found he had a pocket of marbles, a slingshot, a roll of garbage bags, a portable radio, a screwdriver and a crowbar. He told police he was shooting at deer with the slingshot.

Cedar Falls draws thousands to its annual Sturgis Falls celebration, which features live music, a market and informational vendors. What seems oddly out of place, in our opinion, is . Maybe it's just us.

Also in Cedar Falls, a woman was allegedly so drunk that . Sara Ann Briggs, 30, was arrested June 13 in the 400 block of Main Street and charged with non-serious child endangerment and public intoxication. Police said Briggs allegedly admitted to taking her 13-month-old daughter with her to two different bars.

West Des Moines blogger Kathy Sanders : What do you do with doggie doo in the sweltering heat of summer? In West Des Moines, it’s de rigueur to pick up after your pooch, so she double bags her pooch's presents from walks and drops the doo into the garbage can in the garage. This works fine in fall, winter, and spring but once the temps hit 90 for several days in a row — what's a dog owner to do?

Also in West Des Moines, a 52-year-old woman reported to police that , plus an estimated $360 in cash, from her home. All keys to her house are accounted for and there have been no signs of forced entry. One possibility is a teenage neighbor boy who has the garage door code to care for the woman's cats at times.

In Ames, a group of nuns traveled by bus to Congressman Steve King's office to advocate for the poor June 18. They arrived for their appointment to find the door was locked and no one came out to listen. The stop is part of a nine-state bus tour to discuss federal budget proposals made by Republicans.


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