Two Iowa City Residents Nabbed in Linn County Prostitution Sting That Led to 30-Plus Arrests

Law enforcement officials from more than 20 agencies conducted a prostitution sting at multiple hotels in Linn County.

Two Iowa City residents were nabbed in a multi-day prostitution sting in Linn County that net more than 30 arrests.

Dmitry Stupak, 31, and Bradley Rodriguez, 47, both of Iowa City, face prostitution charges from the sting, The Gazette is reporting.

More than 20 law enforcement agencies participated in the sting, which involved multiple hotels, including at least one in Cedar Rapids. Police arrested 40 people, including 37 for prostitution, in the sting that ended Friday, the Cedar Rapids Gazette is reporting.

Officials are not disclosing the name of the hotels. A , which net 17 arrests earlier this year, tipped law enforcement off to possible prostitution in the Cedar Rapids area. 

Officials used websites to place ads and then used undercover male and female officers to carry out the sting, with prices ranging from $180 to $400, The Gazette reported, citing criminal complaints.

“If you want to sell a lawnmower, you go to a certain site,” Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner told The Gazette. “If you want to find a prostitute, you go to the same site.”

Among the arrested, according to The Gazette report, are Jeremy Brimeyer, 33, Joseph Kiecksee, 38, and Mark Ketchum, 54, all of Marion; James A. Girres, 66, and Mark Pelleymounter, 55, both of Cedar Falls; and Steven Baker, Jr., 34, Leisha L. Brzozowski, 21, Joshua Chambers, 29, Kelvin J. Davis, 48, Shaina Fay, 23, Mark Fischer, 63, Melissa L. Hogan, 27, and Stephanie Keister, 31, all of Cedar Rapids.

Jennifer budden September 27, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Half these people were innocent. PEOPLE ARE SO JUDGEMENTAL GET LIVES BECAUSE YOU NEED TO AIR OUT YOUR OWN CLOSEST BEFORE PASSING JUDGEMENT YOU ALL DONT SHARE THE WHOLE TRUTH. HALF THESE PEOPLE ARE INNOCENT. Iowas law is written if a guy buys a girl a drink then has sex with her if she promised it that is technically prostitution. even if that is your boyfriend that is legally by iowa law prostitution. But at strip clubs you can maw on some girls boobs and butt…..COME ON IOWA NO WONDER THESE GIRLIES AND GUYS DONT WANT TO GO THERE, some of the guys want privacy and dont want people in there buisness, and believe it or not they honestly just want a lap dance and the company of a pretty girl!!!!! The girls just want to stay away from the drugs at the clubs and the favortism. THE CLUBS RUN RAMPID WITH DRUGS AND GIRLS DOING SO MUCH MORE IN THERE!!!!!! TRUST ME ON THAT ONE! So i guess alot of these girls want to escape the industry and dont know how…… BUT IOWA THATS ON YOU TO FIGURE THAT ONE OUT!! QUIT POSTING SHIT ALL OVER THE NEWS SOLVE THE PROBLEM DONT APPREHEND. THIS IS ALL FOR THE NEWS AND RATINGS ITS BRAINWASHING……IF YOU ALL GOTTA SELL PEOPLES MISTAKES OR NOT EVEN PROVEN MISTAKES FOR A LIVING, YOUR WAY FAR OFF THEN THESE POOR GIRLS AND GUYS. MOST CAME FROM BAD BROKEN BACKGROUND. PICK UP THE PHONE GET IOWA INVOLVED AND STOP THISGET THESE DANCERS HELP GETTING OUT OF THE INDUSTRY AND GET THEM ON THE RIGHT TRACK OR JUST CLOSE DOWN THE STRIP CLUBS ATTRACTING THIS


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