Truck Rams Into Crowd at Kalona Auction; 1 Dead, 5 Injured

Tragedy struck at the Kalona auction as a truck collided with a crowd of people attending a horse auction.

One person is dead and five people were injured this morning after a truck struck a crowd of bystanders attending a horse auction in Kalona, reports the Associated Press.

...the driver of the auctioneer’s truck had a medical issue that caused him to step on the accelerator of the Ford F-250 and lose control. He says the truck struck six or seven people on the property before striking a tree, and then continued for another block before stopping.

The incident happened this morning while the auctioneer and other workers were riding in the back of the truck.

The auction is a popular event held at the Kalona Sales Barn in Kalona, roughly 20 miles south of Iowa City.


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