Police: University of Iowa Student Goes on 'Rampage,' Smashes Items, Threatens to Blow Up Building

As police approached a student lying in the street on the morning of April 3, they weren't prepared for what allegedly happened next.

A student allegedly made threats and damaged property after police approached him lying in the middle of the street early on the morning of April 3.

Police say Austin Boe Chadderdon, 22, of 308 N. Dubuque St., was found lying in the street near his home as police approached him early this morning. Officers stated that as they approached, Chadderdon lept to his feet and ran into his apartment building.

According to a criminal complaint, at this point Chadderdon went on a "rampage," throwing items out his apartment in the street, smashing itemsand threatening to blow up the building and assault the officers. Chadderdon allegedly also threw at least one of the objects at the police officers.

After three requests to stop by officers, Chadderdon was directed to the squad car, where he allegedly "became combatative," kicking and screaming at the officers and refusing to enter the vehicle. He was eventually lifted off his legs into the squad car by the officers, but the kicks caused several scrapes to an officer's arms, according to the complaint.

During the event, Chadderdon allegedly destroyed five windows and damaged the windshield, front passenger quarter-panel and hood of a neighbor's car. Officers estimated the damage to be at least $1,400.

For this, Chadderdon was charged with second-degree criminal mischief, a Class D felony, for causing between $1,000 and $10,000 worth of damage. He was also charged with interference with official acts, causing injury, an aggravated misdemeanor.


Correction: The article originally stated the event happened on April 10, when it actually happened April 3.


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