Iowa City Man Arrested, Implicated in a String of Burglaries: Iowa City Police Blotter, Feb. 5

The following information was provided by the Iowa City Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

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From Criminal Complaints

An Iowa City man was arrested and accused for being involved in five different burglaries and a robbery.

Police say they executed a search warrant on Dec. 15, 2011 at the residence of Ricky Charles Fedrick, 21, of 2437 Petesel Pl. and found him to allegedly have $1,325 worth of items that were stolen from March to July 2011. Police say the items were connected to five burglaries and one robbery.

Police say that they tied the burglaries to Fedrick through a cell phone call made on an allegedly stolen phone, as well as eye witness encounters. Fedrick lived near many of the locations where the burglaries occurred, according to the complaint.

Fedrick was charged with second-degree burglary (two counts) and second-degree theft. All felonies.

An Iowa City woman was charged with assaulting a police officer after she allegedly kicked him in the lower back as he was preparing to escort her into the squad car.

Police say Tyshiana Lakiya Mahomes, 19, of 2401 Hwy. 6 E, Iowa City was involved in an argument with her boyfriend on Feb. 4 at roughly 5:30 a.m. that resulted in her allegedly kicking in the door of his apartment. According to police, officers responded for that incident and walked Mahomes into a different location to try to take up the fight, and was told to stay inside for the rest of the night. According to the complaint, a few minutes later, Mahomes returned to the scene of the apartment complex parking lot. Officers said she smelled of alcohol and had slurred speech, red watery eyes, and other indications of intoxication. So the police placed her under arrest for public intoxication.

As Mahomes was being escorted into the squad car, Mahomes allegedly kicked out as the officer was unlocking the squad car in preparation of opening the door for her. For this, Mahomes was charged with assault on a police officer, a serious misdemeanor.

From Blotter

Address Offense Date
Date of Birth Arrest Location Charge(s) DIXON, BARBARA JEAN
261 32ND ST NW APT 2, CEDAR RAPIDS, IA 52405 2/5/2012  00:25
dob : 1/13/1990 10 S CLINTON ST 1) Disorderly Conduct FEDRICK, RICKEY CHARLES
2437 PETSEL PL APT 5 3/7/2011      
dob : 5/22/1990 2427 PETSEL PL 1) Burglary 2nd Degree FEDRICK, RICKEY CHARLES
2437 PETSEL PL APT 5 3/31/2011      
dob : 5/22/1990 2437 PETSEL PL 1) Theft 2nd Degree FEDRICK, RICKEY CHARLES
2437 PETSEL PL APT 5 7/25/2011      
dob : 5/22/1990 2345 MACBRIDE DR 1) Burglary 2nd Degree GUIDO, PATRICK JOSEPH
500 S LINN ST APT 1 2/5/2012  02:15
1814 FLATIRON 2/5/2012  15:38
dob : 10/2/1974 SB DUBUQUE ST @ FOSTER RD 1) Drive while license under suspension/cancelled KAUFMANN, ROBERT FREEMAN
1527 330TH ST, WILTON, IA 52778 2/4/2012  23:53
dob : 6/1/1985 SUMMIT BAR 1) Public Intoxication LIU, XINYI
209 E BLOOMINGTON ST 2/4/2012  21:39
dob : 1/24/1992 CLINTON/JEFFERSON 1) Drive while license under suspension/cancelled MABIKULU, JACKY MICHAEL
1420 OAKLAND RD NE APT 7, CEDAR RAPIDS, IA 52402 2/5/2012  00:20
dob : 2/4/1990 100 S CLINTON ST 1) Disorderly Conduct
2) Public Intoxication MINOR, ELIZABETH ANN
727 MELROSE AVE 2/5/2012  01:10
dob : 5/12/1991 BROTHERS BAR 1) Presence on premise (licensed liquor establishment)after hours REASONER, CHRISTOPHER JOHN
203 5TH ST APT 9, CORALVILLE, IA 2/4/2012  23:21
2401 HWY 6 E APT 4213 2/4/2012  05:13
dob : 7/21/1975 2401 HWY 6 E APT 4213 1) 911- Improper use 911, Joint criminal conduct
2) Communications- False Use of Emergency Communications ROSENBAUM, JACOB ROBERT
3846 92ND DR, URBANDALE, IA 50322 2/4/2012  16:10
dob : 4/12/1993 WALMART 1) Theft 5th Degree
2) Possess alcohol under legal age (PAULA) SINGLETON, ALAN LEE
322 N DUBUQUE ST 2/4/2012  21:31
dob : 2/24/1969 GILBERT/3RD ST 1) Drive while license under suspension/cancelled SPICHER, MICHAEL ALAN
1770 105TH ST, KALONA, IA 52247 2/5/2012  00:21
2/5/2012  07:19
dob : 3/29/1985 600 BOWERY ST 1) Public Intoxication VAZQUEZ-CHAVEZ, JAVIER DENNYS
2/5/2012  06:32
dob : 3/19/1985 600 BLOCK S DODGE ST
1) Burglary 1st Degree WALTON, RYAN ROBERT
9318 GOODMAN CIR, URBANDALE, IA 50322 2/4/2012  16:10
dob : 12/26/1992 WALMART 1) Theft 5th Degree
2) Possess alcohol under legal age (PAULA)


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