Hills Man Accused of Trying to Run Wife off the Road in Iowa City while Their Children were in Her Vehicle

A Hills man is facing a series of charges after a domestic spat turned from bad to worse two weeks ago.

Police have accused a Hills man of pursuing his wife and children in a high-speed chase on Sand Road from Hills to Iowa City.

According to criminal complaints, on March 17 Brian Joseph Laschke, 29, of Hills had been in an argument with his wife. When the argument escalated, Laschke allegedly took his wife's phone away from her, and the woman decided to leave to stay with other family members, taking the couple's children with her.

At this point, at roughly 6:29 p.m., Lashke allegedly decided to pursue his wife and children in the couple's other vehicle as she travelled on Sand Road. Lashke allegedly caught up with the woman and "chased her at high speeds" attempting to run her off the road, according to a separate witness who spoke to police. Police say that finally, after the woman avoided several near collisions, the woman decided to stop. At this point, Lashke allegedly got out of his vehicle and kicked her car, also breaking her windshield by punching it.

Later, Lashke allegedly called his wife several times to apologize and to try to convince her to not call the police. When his wife did call the police, an officer reportedly called Lashke and asked him to turn himself in and to stop calling the woman. Lashke allegedly ignored this warning, and continued to call, escalating to a point where he began to make threats implying he would kill the woman.

Lashke was also reportedly barred from driving a motor vehicle in Iowa due to previous habitual offenses until Feb. 02, 2015.

For all this, Lashke faces the charges of first-degree harassment, child-endangerment with no injury, domestic abuse assault with intent or display of a weapon, and driving while barred as a habitual offender.

Maria Houser Conzemius March 31, 2012 at 05:35 PM
I'm glad the woman was able to put her children in the car and keep them safe.


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