Authorities: 6 Points Could Help Solve Evansdale Abduction Case; Email Address Set Up to Take Tips

Two girls from Evansdale were abducted while riding their bikes in July.

The Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations has set up an email address to take tips about missing Evansdale cousins Elizabeth Collins, 9, and Lyric Cook-Morrissey, 10.

The girls went on July 13. The girls are believed abducted.

The email address is OurMissingIowaGirls@dps.state.ia.us. Anyone with any information is encouraged to email. The phone tip-line also remains open at (319) 232-6682.

Investigators also released six key points they hope could help solve the case:

1.  A small or seemingly unimportant bit of information could be critical to finding Elizabeth and Lyric.

2.  We all would like to believe that we couldn’t possibly know someone that is capable of abducting a young girl. The reality is that whoever did this is known by many people. Whoever did this has neighbors, relatives, co-workers and friends. Whoever did this walks amongst us, and lives amongst us.

3.  Study the photos of Elizabeth and Lyric. Victims much older than these girls have been coerced and manipulated in a relatively short period of time into changing their names and denying their true identity, even when asked by police officers. The photos are an important part of the message. Please look at the attached poster, which includes the girls’ physical descriptions. Notice that the girls can look different from one photo to the next and remember that a haircut or coloring can dramatically alter a child’s appearance. There are certain facial characteristics of both girls that are distinct and unique, notice them and pay attention to children you see. Look at the freckles and moles on these girls’ faces. Pay attention to their smiles.

4.  Perhaps you know someone who was talking about planning on being in the Evansdale area on the 13th of July. Perhaps they were planning to visit someone, go camping, fishing, boating, or visit for business. Perhaps the next time you spoke with them they explained that something interfered with that plan, and they didn’t go as planned. That could be an important lead that we need to know about and follow up on.

5. Pay attention to your surroundings and report what is unusual.

6.  Perhaps you know someone that has raised your suspicion for some reason that you can’t quite explain. Don’t ignore your natural instincts – they can be very valuable. If you know someone that has had a an abrupt, significant, and unexplained change of behavior, or suddenly decided to get rid of a vehicle, a boat, or some other property under circumstances that seem unusual, take the time to let us know.


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