Parents Talk: What's Your Name, Baby?

In this week's Parents Talk we ask what did you name your baby? Is his/her name on the Social Security Administration's top 100?

Jacob, Mason, William. Sophia, Isabella, Emma.

The names you read above, well, there are going to be several of them among the graduates of the class of 2029.

Each year the U.S. Social Security Administration releases a much-anticipated, much talked-about list of the most popular baby names in the United States as taken from the Social Security card applications from the previous year. The names you read above were the top 3 male and female names as reported in 2011.

In Iowa last year, Carter and Emma were the top baby names with Mason, Olivia, Owen and Sophia rounding out the top 3 spots.

The top 10 list of names in the United States is below:

Male               Female

1. Jacob          Sophia

2. Mason         Isabella

3. William        Emma

4. Jayden         Olivia

5. Noah            Ava

6. Michael         Emily

7. Ethan           Abigail

8. Alexander     Madison

9. Aiden           Mia

10. Daniel        Chloe

So, what did you name your baby? Is there a Mason, an Aiden, maybe an Ava or Olivia pitter-pattering about your house? Tell us what you named your baby in the comments below.

Jody Gifford May 21, 2012 at 04:24 PM
I'm always surprised by the names at the top of the list. Jayden, Alexander and Daniel are three boy names I honestly have a heard a lot of lately so I'm surprised they're even in the the top 10. Any other surprises?
Megan VerHelst May 21, 2012 at 05:00 PM
I'm not surprised. How many years does this make now where Twilight-inspired names topped the list? Like 7? ;-)


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