Letter to the Editor: Demand a Plan and Priorities. Vote NO on RSP on Feb. 5

Community member Phil Hemingway writes a letter to the editor on why he will not support the Revenue Purpose Statement vote this time around.

Editor's Note. The following is a letter submitted to the editor, e-mail it to me at stephen.schmidt@patch.com. Or post it directly to the site by clicking this link.

I love the Iowa City Community School District, warts and all. We produce a tremendous product here. Students who avail themselves to the opportunities provided them have no limits. The teachers and staff at any of our schools would compare with the best anywhere; top to bottom, east to west. The most valuable educational tool in any school is an educated, motivated and enthusiastic teacher. As a community we are all seeking what’s best for all our students.

As we do not have infinite resources at our disposal, it is not unrealistic or unreasonable to raise questions concerning the proper disposition of funds we have. We should make sure that every dollar spent generates the maximum return to our students. Human wants are always changing and never satisfied. It is important that we focus on true need and not a never-ending list of wants. We need a clear path and a clear plan. It matters where and how we spend the money. Instead of air-conditioned garbage trucks, let’s air-condition classrooms. Instead of Board members traveling to DC, reinstate our Home Building Program. Approving unlimited access to SILO funds before our paid consultants report back to us is irresponsible.

No, it is not unreasonable to demand specificity in how our money is spent.There’s no virtue in squandering money in the name of children. Let’s spend the money right the first time.

Demand a plan and priorities. Vote NO on February 5, 2013.

Phil Hemingway


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