Sara Barron for School Board

Hello! As a candidate for the upcoming school board election, I'm interested in sharing my thoughts with as many people as possible. I also very much want to hear from you about your priorities and concerns for the future of the ICCSD. You can learn more about my candidacy at www.barronforboard.wordpress.com. Here are some of my personal priorities for the next four years:

Invest in a range of programming for students of all abilities. Help every student reach his or her full potential. Make sure that ICCSD graduates leave our schools ready to lead, by staying aware of the changing needs of America’s workforce and by providing 21st-century educational opportunities and technology.

Maintain a focus on the health and well-being of students and staff, including nutritious school breakfasts and lunches; mental and physical health resources; strong physical education, outdoor recreation, and sporting opportunities; and clean, comfortable, well-maintained facilities.

Create policies that work in tandem with the Diversity Policy to boost student achievement for lower-income students and students of color who as groups are falling far below the district average on standardized tests.

Engage parents, teachers and staff, and community members in thoughtful, accessible ways and listen to people familiar with school-based issues when creating new policies and practices.

Provide facilities and programs that invest in smart community development. Spend our money wisely, and create partnerships with outside entities who share our goals.

Follow through on a long-range facilities plan that will correct overcrowding and create equitable learning environments for all students.


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