Union Bar Owner Offers up an Apology (of Sorts): Iowa City Daily News Links, May 1

A quick rundown of local news.

May Day! Ring your doorbell, leave some links on your doorstep.

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I talked with the owner of newly opened Trumpet Blossom Cafe about its goal of left by the Red Avocado.

We've got a new Readers' Choice up this week, asking what spot in Iowa City is the best place to take mom for mother's day . Bill Adams Photography was the winner of our previous contest asking who is our readers' .

In a personal post this week, local editor Jody Gifford asks how she should talk to her children ?

In our Patch book club this week, we're asking for submissions of authors that

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Emily Schettler of the Iowa City Press-Citizen reports that the Union Bar owner wants to apologize if a young woman was turned away from dancing due to her weight. Meanwhile, a former bouncer at the bar claims this selection practice did take place. Ramos' still looks to be on.

Alesha Crews of the Press-Citizen writes about the capacity problems at Penn Elementary School.

Steve Gravelle of the Gazette writes that the railroad route from Chicago to Omaha that goes through Iowa City has been deemed the best by a transportation study.

Whooping Cough cases have shown an increase in Eastern Iowa, writes Mark Carlson of KCRG.

Meredith Hines-Dochterman of the Gazette writes that popcorn is a surprisingly healthy snack. Or can be.

Jason Clayworth of the Des Moines Register reports that Gov. Branstad said that the failure to pass business friendly property tax form would be a "tragic mistake."

Speaking of the state legislature, they're still butting their heads against the wall.

The City High Little Hawk has a top ten list for things guys need for the prom. Dancing skills is on the list, which is explain why I never went to my proms in high school.

Daily Links Excerpt (of the Day)

However, during his short time there, Fall said he was told by owners to “keep the fat and ugly girls away from the stage, the (platform), and especially the DJ.”

Others who worked there told Fall, “We usually let girls dance on the bar if they’re skinny, but if they’re fat, we just don’t want that image,” he said.

He estimated that over the course of one month, he said he probably told about 20 “heavy-set” girls that they couldn’t dance on the platform or the bar.

“I’m ashamed of it, and I’ll admit to the public that I did it,” he said. “I’m not excusing the discriminative protocol. I want people to know what really goes on there.”

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