UI Sued Over Rental Property: Iowa City Daily Links for May 17

Some of the top stories in Iowa City for May 17, 2012.


From this site

Remember Michele Bachmann? The one-time Iowa caucus front-runner .

Summer construction season is definitely here. will likely make corridor travel a pain until mid-July.

Iowa Patch's  is still garnering comments. Check it out to learn the ins and outs of shooting some great novice photos.

From other sites

An Iowa City man is suing the University of Iowa, saying the university-owned property he lived in was in terrible shape.

The Washington Post should probably update its 2012 electoral map. It has Johnson County listed as a toss-up between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, even though Obama won 70 percent of the votes here in 2008.

In the face of ongoing school redistricting controversy, a local blogger tells the school board "you'll never satisfy them all."


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