The Clash over High-Density Apartments Continues: Iowa City Daily Links, March 19

A quick rundown of local news.


Rain all week apparently, so enjoy your sunshine when you can.

On to the Links!

From this Site

A naked Iowa City man in Solon this morning. He reportedly told the deputy that he had been forced to handle a nuclear bomb.

For our Patch poll this, we're asking if it's appropriate for high schools and middle schools to .

How do you mothers out there balance career and family? We want to know in our Parent Talk this week.

It's March Madness time. We're asking what sports bar in Iowa City do you like to go to catch the ?

Meet Miss Lilly, a that is our adopt this pet of the week.

by some Iowa City parents for a new east side elementary school.

From Other Sites

Gregg Hennigan of the Gazette has a nice article up about the debate between owners of high-density apartments and residents of the nearby neighborhoods who say the apartments are affecting their quality of life.

Emily Schettler of the Iowa City Press-Citizen writes that the University of Iowa is planning to construct a connecting road through its medical campus.

Tara Bannow of the Press-Citizen has a nice feature on the local boxing club.

The already has a pretty good deli. And if this chef has his way, it's going to get even better.

Derek Kellison of the Daily Iowan writes that some advocates for helping citizen's on Iowa City's south east side point out that physical barriers such as highways separate people in that community from the rest of the city.

Good luck to the Iowa City High School robotics team as they head to compete at regionals.

There is a "Love Bus" for same sex couples who want to come get married in Iowa City, writes Mark Carlson for KCRG.

Kristen East of the Daily Iowan writes that the University of Iowa has a program that helps transfer students become acclimated the university.

Daily Links Excerpt of the Day

Mike Wright spent a warmer-than-average Sunday morning in January sweeping 8 pounds of broken glass off the street outside his Iowa City home.

The glass, which Wright weighed, was from beer and liquor bottles apparently thrown in the street during a wild party the night before at a nearby group of student-occupied town homes at the corner of Lucas and Jefferson streets.

“I have to say that the town houses have been a screaming nightmare,” said Wright, 54, a former City Council member.


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