School Board Looks to Push On with Diversity Policy, Despite Legal Road Bump: Iowa City Daily News Links, Feb. 4

A quick roundup of local news.

The work week begins anew.

On to the Links!

Potential legal problems with the Iowa City School District's proposed diversity policy will likely not stop the board from supporting it, writes Gregg Hennigan of the Gazette. Quentin Misiag of the Daily Iowan writes that board members continue to defend it.

Gregg Hennigan also writes that the respective cities that make up the Iowa City School District could play a key role in increasing diversity in the school district by making their communities more geographically heterogeneous.

Lee Hermiston of the Press-Citizen is liveblogging the day of final state witnesses being called at the Justin Marshall murder trial.

Tom Harkin gives his potential successor Bruce Braley some public props. (Des Moines Register)

Gov. Terry Branstad said he is pleased with the pace of the legislative session so far. (Des Moines Register)

Damn those Jordanian law firms and their exhorbitant legal fees! (Press-Citizen)

Sad news, as the Sycamore Mall Farmers Market is coming to an end due to lack of funding. (Press-Citizen)

Daily Links Excerpt of the Day

Debate over the policy has been intense and is scheduled to culminate Tuesday night, when the final vote needed to adopt the policy is scheduled. The board is split 4-3 in favor of the policy, a division that is reflected in the community, too.

“We’re very comfortable with our position and with moving forward” with the vote, school board member Sarah Swisher said.

Holland said he believed the state was focused on the implementation of the policy, which is still to come. He told district officials several times that the district would have to be careful in how it carries out the policy so as to not use free or reduced-price information inappropriately.

“I think right now it’s a big question on how you go about implementing this,” he said.

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