Ron Paul 2012! Paul Leading Obama... in Merchandise Sales: Iowa City Daily News Links, June 15

A quick rundown of local news.

A beautiful day outside. Hopefully will be some rain this weekend, my lawn is looking pretty dry.

On to the Links!

From this Page

Best selling author James Patterson is teaming up with Patch and has offered up some to help pick some good books to work on this summer.

The city of Iowa City is looking into around the Burlington Street dam to improve safety and create a whitewater rafting course.

Our Patch Pros are taking your .

Local photographer Justin Torner has a nice documentary photo series for Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity.

The Daily Iowan is experimenting with posting a daily reader with snippets of their top stories onto my site. In today's edition, the Johnson County Supervisors in the new Iowa City Animal Shelter.

Featured for adoption at the Iowa City Animal Shelter: a pair of ferrets named Jack and Diane. !

We've had a slew, a slew I say!, of great blog posts in the last week. Check them out in Local Voices.

A winning $241 million Powerball ticket .

From Other Pages

Hayley Bruce of the Gazette covered a local panel event intended to talk about how to eliminate racial barriers to success in Johnson County.

The state patrol wants to name two brides in Johnson County after troopers in the area who died in the line of duty in the past.

James Q. Lynch of the Gazette gives a rundown of Larry Sabato's political predictions for this fall's political raises, which includes good news for Eastern Iowa incumbents.

Arts events generated $80 million for the Iowa City area in 2010 according to an independent sutdy, writes Alesha Crews of the Press-Citizen.

Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul is beating Romney and Obama in merchandise sales.

The return of the Iowa City mountain lion! Or I should say, the unlikely return of the Iowa City mountain lion.

The Iowa City Owl has a preview of Iowa City Pride events this weekend.

Congrats to the Quaker Oats employees who apparently were the winners of the Powerball jackpot.

A trial attempting to stop the move of Von Maur to Coralville has been scheduled for fall of next year.

A Coralville police officer found an unconscious woman on the side of the road and used CPR to revive her.

Daily Links Excerpt of the Day

 In Johnson County, one bridge is on Interstate 80 and the other I-380, and the busy highways would help provide “some recognition for those guys for what they gave up for Iowa,” said Sgt. Dave Willis of the State Patrol’s District 11, which covers Johnson, Linn, Benton, Tama, Iowa and Poweshiek counties.

The State Patrol is asking the Johnson County Board of Supervisors for a resolution or letter of approval in support of the request. The supervisors will discuss the issue at an informal meeting Thursday.

Steve Gent, director of the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Office of Traffic and Safety, which is overseeing the process, said he expects all 10 troopers to have bridges named in their honor and for the signs to be installed this summer. Cass County supervisors two weeks ago expressed approval for the naming of two bridges for fallen troopers there, according to news reports.

“This is something everybody supports,” Gent said.

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