Orionids Meteor Shower 2012

The Orionids meteor shower promises to be a show worth watching, with clear skies over Iowa City.

The skies over Iowa City are looking perfect for tonight's -- and this morning's -- Orionids meteor shower, compliments Halley's Comet.

The Iowa City forecast is for clear skies and temps in the lower 40s.

Where do you look for the show?

Well, the name of the meteor shower -- Orionids -- should give you a hint.

Meteor showers get their names from the constellations in the sky where they can be spotted, in this case, Orion the Hunter.

So, look for his those three stars that make up his belt, then look up to his club. The stars tend to shoot from Orion's club, pierce Tauraus the Bull, the Gemini twins, Leo the Lion and then, Canis Major, home of Sirious, the brightest star seen on earth aside from the sun.

The Iowa City Astronomy Club will be holding a viewing session at Sokum Ridge Park, located about five miles south of Washington, Iowa. This is a county park with no lights around, and it gets really dark at night.


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