Weipert Unseats Slockett, Loebsack Wins Primary Easily, Schwab and Archer Also Win Races

Johnson County sees an incumbent defeated Tuesday evening, but it wasn't Dave Loebsack.

Final Results: Weipert, Schwab, Archer, Loebsack all win.

In a primary election with throughout the day, Travis Weipert, a city council member and AEGON accountant from Tiffin, unseated incumbent Johnson County Auditor Tom Slockett with a vote count of 3,197 to 1,974.

Slockett, a longtime auditor, fell out of favor with local Democrats after a series of snafus, including a recent reprimand for ethics violations. According to results from the Johnson County Auditor's Office, a total of 7,597 or 9.4 percent of Johnson County voters turned out to vote.

In other races, Democrat Dick Schwab defeated West Branch Democrat David Johnson to continue compete in the fall for the District 73 State Representative seat.

At the national representative level, Democrat Dave Loebsack and Republican  John Archer, a Bettendorf lawyer, will be competing for the newly created U.S. Second Congressional District, which contains Iowa City and Davenport.

Loebsack and Archer also won Johnson County. On his home turf in Johnson County, Loebsack defeated Joe Seng, of Davenport, by a vote total of 4,754 to 456. And Archer defeated Muscatine home builder Dan Dolan 906 to 643 in the county.

These results are unofficial until they are canvassed and certified by the Johnson County Board of Supervisors.

Update 11 p.m.: John Archer just was declared the winner of the second congressional race on the Republican side.

Previous Coverage: Weipert Has All But Clinched it, Loebsack Cruises

With just a few precincts to count, Travis Weipert looks to have an insurmountable lead over incumbent Tom Slockett in the Johnson County Auditor Race.

As of 10:40 p.m., Weipert, a Tiffin City Council member, led Slockett 899 to 512 votes. However, some precincts remain uncounted, so the results are not yet final.

Already decided was the race for the U.S. Congressional District, as incumbent Dave Loebsack won an easy victory over challenger Joe Seng, a state senator from Davenport.

On the Republican side of the U.S. District 2 race, John Archer led competitor Dan Dolan with 58 percent of the vote, but the race remained too close to call.


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