Johnson County Crisis Center Sees Spike in Need: Daily Iowan Reader, September 20

Also inside: Hawk defense fights expectations, 80 Hours: Hancher marks 40th year, UI marching band eyes new practice facility

Number of locals seeking food assistance at record high

Iowa City is hungry.

The number of families and individuals seeking help at the Crisis Center of Johnson County rose to all-time high officials said, and the prospects for improvement are not promising.

“We were giving out significantly more food distributions than last year,” said Sarah Benson Witry, Food Bank and emergency-assistance director of the Crisis Center.

In fact, the number of clients seeking food assistance jumped 19 percent from 2011 to June 2012. That amounts to 6,575 more food distributions to those that need it.

Crisis Center officials say they believe this increase is due in part to their change to a more efficient distribution plan— but they also blame the economy.

“This recession has been going on a long time,” said economist Patrick Barron. “They’ve been unemployed for a long time. They are at the end of their rope.”

As food prices continue to rise and the unemployment rate remains high, the strain on low-income families becomes ever more apparent.

“The longer [the recession] goes on, the more people’s savings are being depleted— the more their resources are depleted— and they need financial help,” Barron said. 

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Initiative aims to build structure for UI Children’s Hospital patients at Kinnick

Herky’s Nest hopes to build a premium seating area for children at the UI Children’s Hospital.

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Local child traffic fatalities fall

Local and state officials stress the importance of properly-installed child safety seats.

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Local high schools see increase in AP classes

Iowa City City High saw a 300 student increase in the number of students enrolled in AP classes.

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Marching band eyes new practice facility

The UI marching band hopes to gain new facilities at the level of other Big 10 schools.

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Hawkeye defensive line rips through low expectations

Iowa’s defensive line has answered plenty of doubt this season.

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Editorial: Crisis center sale should put issues at forefront

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors, by practically giving away this building, has set an example to the community that the issues these organizations seek to resolve should be top priority.  

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