Iowa City Library Recommends: Watching Some Tea and Biscuit Espionage (VIDEO)

Every Friday we will be featuring some Staff Picks from the Iowa City Public Library that you can check out on the weekend. This week's recommendation: "Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy" (the British Miniseries). Also we have links to new books and movies at

Need something to keep you occupied this Memorial Day Weekend? How about watching some British people spying on each other?

Every Friday we will be featuring some Staff Picks from the Iowa City Public Library that you can check out on the weekend. This week we spoke with Anne Mangano, a reference librarian at the  who also picks the videos for the extensive Iowa City Public Library catalog, which I highly recommend you take advantage of if you haven't already.

This week Mangano talks about "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy." Not the recent Hollywood film, the actual British minseries that inspired it. Mangano said that while this version won't provide the blow-em-up action of a James Bond flick, it is heavy on plot development, great characters, and intrigue. 

Mangano suggests some other British miniseries worth your attention:

1.       Pride and Prejudice  http://bit.ly/LuwH1h

2.       I, Claudius http://bit.ly/JVsru7

3.       Forsyte Saga http://bit.ly/KHdebF

Here is a List of New DVDs at the Iowa City Public Library: http://www.icpl.org/catalog/lists/avid.php

Want the library to have a DVD they don't have yet?  Suggest a DVD here: http://www.icpl.org/catalog/suggestions.php

You can learn more about other staff picks at the Iowa City library by visiting their Staff Picks blog. For some other book suggestions, check out the suggestions in our Iowa Patch Book Club discussion. This week we're asking people for their .

Happy reading and have a great weekend. Click on the links below to find new releases from the Iowa City library for:


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