Iowa City Enjoys a National Night Out: Iowa City Daily News Links, August 8

A quick rundown of local news.


I wished for rain, and got it for once. Now my lawn is looking green enough to mow. Foiled again!

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Another eventful Iowa City School Board Facilities Meeting, as the board members present were able that may help their new building decisions and they also discussed .

An Iowa City Police investigation of a downtown business revealed .

A University of Iowa study has tied obesity in women .

We have Monday Olympics results for .

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From other Sites

Gregg Hennigan of the Gazette also wrote the Roosevelt building discussion.

Mitchell Schmidt of the Iowa City Press-Citizen covered Iowa City's national night out events.

A little more from the Gazette on the In-Zone bath salts bust.

Can Iowa City Regina win yet another championship this year on the gridiron? (KCRG)

For any of the Iowans who learn about the missing Evansdale cousins, there will be a booth featuring their photos at the Iowa State Fair. (Sioux City Journal)

Just who will be the ball carrier for the Iowa Hawkeyes this fall? (Associated Press)

Whoever it is, they will be running behind an offensive line made up entirely of Iowans.

Authorities have identified the man killed in the Kalona truck accident (Press-Citizen).

You may find this surprising but there are actually vegetarian options at the Iowa State Fair. This guy has proof. (Des Moines RegisteR)

Daily Links Excerpt of the Day

Kids tossed Frisbees and cooled down on the Wetherby Park splash pad. Volunteers dished out food and applied temporary tattoos. Police officers handed out bracelets, cold treats and played a pickup game of basketball with area youths.

Not your typical block party, Iowa City’s participation in the 29th Annual National Night Out was more than fun and games. The program celebrated its 10th year Tuesday in Iowa City bringing area residents and local law enforcement authorities closer together.

“Without (the police), there would be a lot more crime,” Iowa City resident Estevan Jackson said. “We get to know them better and get to know them on a different level.”

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