Landfill Fire Shouldn't Hamper University of Iowa Events: Iowa City Daily News Links, June 4

A quick rundown of daily news.

Every weekend should be three days long. I'm just saying...

On to the Links!

From this Site

We of photos from this past weekend's Iowa Arts Festival. Feel free to add your photos if you have them.

The Iowa City Animal Shelter has some available for adoption.

In our Parent Talk this week we're asking for activities over the summer.

For our Patch Poll this week, we're asking if Iowa should follow New York's lead and prohibit large soft drinks.

Have a garage sale coming up? on Iowa City Patch for free!

From Other Sites

Aly Brown of the Daily Iowan writes that the still burning Iowa City Landfill fire has led to some precautions from the University of Iowa, but no events should be affected.

Amy Skarnulis of the Daily Iowan reports that the "Light the Night" bicycle light program has received plaudits from local bicycle advocates.

Here's a rundown of candidates competing in tomorrow's Iowa primary in the newly minted U.S. Second Congressional District.

A nice bio of a photographer who created photographic display out of daily Iowa life.

Iowa City is the place for summer camps writes Emily Schettler of the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

Josh O'Leary of the Press-Citizen writes that medical researchers at the University of Iowa are worried that recent cuts to funding could affect research.

Nadia Crow of KCRG writes about a local fundraiser for an organization that helps those afflicted with HIV/AIDS in Johnson County.

Here's an interesting Des Moines Register article on young people getting turned off by the rigidness of old faith structures.

Daily Links Excerpt of the Day

The acrid smell of melting tires continues to swirl over the city as the Iowa City Landfill burns.

University of Iowa officials say they will monitor the situation along with city officials, and some programs have taken extra precautions.

Josh Berka, the director of Sports Camps at the university, said the Athletics Department has warned parents about the smoke plume. If parents have children with respiratory issues, he said, the department urges them to contact staff if they are concerned.

"All activities within the first week are indoor, so scheduling will not be affected," he said. "Though we will make changes for student safety and do whatever we are recommended to."

Mayor Matt Hayek signed a Local Disaster Declaration June 1, according to a city press release, after the fire has burned approximately 7.5 acres of land in the last week.

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