Iowa City Council to Continue Discussion on Flood Mitigation: Iowa City Daily News Links, Sept. 14

A quick rundown of daily news links.

I'll be around the tailgating tomorrow at the Iowa game, so if you see me don't hesitate to say hello.

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From this Site

Any chocolate lovers out there? If you don't have any food allergies and are below the age of 80, these University of Iowa researchers want you .

Congrats to Public Space One for making their Kickstarter fundraising goal for .

The Iowa City Public Library has some book recommendations for .

In this week's Patch Pros we're asking medical professionals  during the course of the school year.

In today's Daily Iowan Reader, the Daily Iowan previews the .

In this week's , we have interesting zombie outlooks wanted, lots of missing cats, a project to help Iowa City's homeless, searching for a Billy Mays successor, and one awesome Uncle Sam lamp.

Iowa City police are looking for information  on North Gilbert Street.

There were some interesting arrests this past Saturday during the Iowa versus Iowa State game. Including one man 

Our parent talk this week asks if these charges for child endangerment for leaving children in cars .

From Other Sites

Lauren Sieben of the Iowa City Press-Citizen shows her dedication to the Fourth Estate by waking up early and taking some I-Club video.

Lee Hermiston of the Press-Citizen writes that the Iowa City City Council will discuss flood mitigation efforts at the upcoming council meeting worksession.

Tara Bannow of the Press-Citizen reports that the 1105 Project, an alliance of four local charities banding together at one location at 1105 Gilbert Court, got the official go ahead from the Johnson County Board of Supervisors Thursday.

Meryn Fluker of the Gazette writes about the instructional value of school gardens in the Iowa City School District.

Gregg Hennigan of the Gazette writes that Iowa City students report that they are generally happy for the most part.

Some tasty looking menu suggestions from Iowa Girl Eats.

Sycamore Mall theaters are showing "Finding Nemo" on Saturday morning. Sounds like a fun family event.

Harvest begins early, due to drought conditions. (Press-Citizen)

Daily Links Excerpt of the Day

The debate over how to protect the neighborhoods along the Iowa River four years after the historic and destructive 2008 flood continues as the council is scheduled to receive an update Tuesday about the city’s flood mitigation efforts.

During Tuesday’s council work session, public works director Rick Fosse will update the council on the city’s flood mitigation strategy, review the progress made in implementing that strategy and discuss key decisions regarding flood mitigation yet to be made. Among those critical decisions is how to best proceed with protecting Idyllwild, Taft Speedway and Foster Road. Idyllwild is a neighborhood of 92 condominiums off Foster Road.


Daily Links Featured Directory Link of the Day:

Mary Murphy September 14, 2012 at 07:30 PM
I live across the river and slightly upstream from Iowa City's proposed Idyllwild flood mitigation and don't want it. Monies for this project not covered by the CDBG grant would be paid for by the issuance of bonds which would have to be repaid with interest by Iowa City property taxes. When I checked with the Iowa City Assessor recently, there were 21,766 taxable parcels in Iowa City, including residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural & vacant lots. Commercial property owners would pay more than residential owners. The grant was for $8,011,800. Iowa City’s consultant was clear at the last meeting that the 100 year plus 3 feet options would not have protected Idyllwild in a 2008 event so it doesn't make good sense to pursue this. The preliminary estimated costs for the 500 year plus 3 feet options ranged from $13.1 million to $14.3 million dollars. The consultant was also clear that not all costs were included. For example, the figures didn’t include an environmental assessment or the costs to make the flood wall look better. In addition, the consultant estimated the yearly cost of maintenance to be $30,000 (but hadn’t seemed to consider the cost to remove of graffiti). The floodwall will be visible and ugly from the City Park river trail. Idyllwild residents have the option of purchasing flood insurance. In addition, the Idyllwild condo owners can set up a reserve to cover future losses (if any) not covered by flood insurance. Mary Murphy
Senior Professor October 12, 2012 at 01:09 AM
Mary had a very informative op ed in the Press Citizen this week. One that every taxpayer and resident of Iowa City should read. [Renters will have to pay more as rents will go up, utilities will go up, etc. So renters beware!] This lady needs to run for City Council. We need new, bright people on the Council!


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