Attorneys Present Opening Arguments in Justin Marshall Murder Trial: Daily Iowan Reader, January 24

Also inside: Iowa Dept. of Transportation grants licenses to young immigrant ‘DREAMers’, Dance Marathon DJs reunite, Free throws crucial for Hawks.

Attorneys present opening arguments in Justin Marshall murder trial

Stories of the alleged victim’s life, a detailed timeline, and a past mistrial highlighted opening arguments Wednesday in Justin Marshall’s first-degree murder trial.

Marshall, 22, is accused of slaying former Broadway Condominiums owner John Versypt in October 2009.

Assistant Johnson County prosecutor Meredith Rich-Chappel focused her opening statements on a methodical timeline of Oct. 8, 2009, the day of the alleged murder, which she characterized as a “robbery gone wrong.”

Her timeline began around 11 a.m., when Marshall woke up and listened to music on his computer. The sequence continued through 4:08 p.m., when an apartment resident discovered a wounded Versypt — who was checking on the property — and called 911.

“You will hear [the resident] describe how he watched the man in the grey sweatshirt — John Versypt —  take his last breath,” Rich-Chappel said.

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Iowa Dept. of Transportation grants licenses to young immigrant ‘DREAMers’

Michigan, Nebraska, and Arizona are the only states that still decline licenses to those granted citizenship under The DREAM Act.

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Iowa officials produce alcohol calculator, aim for phone app

CALCohol allows the user to calculate standard drink sizes and the number of alcohol servings per customer.

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Helpline seeks to educate Iowa consumers about the meat they eat

Out of recognition that consumers are increasingly curious about where their food comes from, Iowa farmers in association with the Iowa Farm Bureau and the Iowa Pork Producers created the Iowa Farm Animal Care Coalition Helpline.

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DJs of UI Dance Marathon bring tradition and enthusiasm to the stage

Hands flailing in the air, flashing lights dancing through the room, a mass of dancers thumping in rhythm to the pulsating music — the Dance Marathon DJ’s see it all.

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Free-throw shooting proving crucial for Hawkeyes in conference play

The Hawkeyes have lived, but, more times than not, have died from the free throw line through six games of Big Ten play.

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Hawkeye women’s basketball to face Badgers for second time in as many weeks

The Iowa women’s basketball team will use its momentum from a win against ranked Purdue earlier in the week.

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Editorial: Diversity policy’s concerns should not be ignored

Though the policy’s passage is necessary,The Daily Iowan Editorial Board believes that the complications and controversies surrounding this issue cannot be ignored.

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