A Few Father's Day Shopping Tips

Father’s Day is fast approaching this Sunday. For those still seeking a Father’s Day Gift, here are a several gift ideas that cover everything from the gustatory to the outdoorsy.

If you are still looking for a little something for your dad on Father's Day rest easy. Sunday is still several days away, and there is plenty of time to check out these gift options.

 1. A Membership to New Pioneer Co-Op.

Perhaps your dad is a food aficionado. A $60 membership to the New Pioneer Co-Op in Iowa City will get rid of a five-percent surcharge applied to non-members and will qualify your father for patronage rebates during profitable years. Gifting him a membership not only awards him the discounts and other perks of being a member, but it also allows him to own a share of a local business dedicated to providing a diverse collection of local and healthy foods.

 2. The Barnes & Noble New Nook E-Reader

E-readers have grown in popularity over the last year, and the technology used to make them is evolving rapidly. Many e-readers now come equipped with touch-screens. The Barnes & Noble New Nook, priced at a very reasonable $139, features a touch screen and an impressive two month battery life.  With the New Nook your dad can access his favorite newspapers and books at the touch of a finger. An excellent gift, especially if you have siblings who are willing to chip in on the cost

3. A Night Out with the Cedar Rapids Kernels

Nothing says summer like an outdoor baseball game, and taking your dad to a minor league baseball game game at Veterans Memorial Stadium is a fun and reasonably priced Father’s Day outing. Tickets range from $8-$10, and the Kernels will surely provide an evening of entertainment.

4. A Gift Certificate to Active Endeavors

Some may be able to think of a specific outdoor item like a tent or new hiking shoes that their dad has been longing for but not willing to splurge on, while others know that father's sometimes know best what the want for Father’s Day. Whatever the case may be, Active Endeavors located in the heart of downtown Iowa City offers a wide selection of outdoor apparel, accessories and gear. A gift certificate to this shop will provide your dad with the thrill of picking out his next big outdoor gear purchase.

 5. The Gift That Will be Remembered

The best gift you can give to your dad is to set aside intentional time to spend with him. The actual meaning of occasions like Father's Day can be lost within the pressure to find the perfect gift, and often just following through with something as simple as weeding the garden with him one afternoon or finally going on the bike ride he has been asking you to take with him for months can mean a lot.  

Whatever you chose to do for or with your father figure in honor of Father's Day, I recommend that you make sure to tell him how much he is appreciated. Father's Day is a great opportunity to remind your dad that you notice and are grateful for his role in your life be it with a gift that acknowledges how important hobbies are to him or a card that explains how important he is to you.

Judy O'Donnell June 05, 2012 at 12:36 AM
The Iowa City Fencing Center offers a two-hour Introduction to Fencing Class on Father's Day for all ages. Normally $25, it's only $15 for dads on Father's Day. He'll go from standing "on guard" to fencing his first bout, having fun all the while. Send him solo, or make it a family activity. (Just make sure you let Dad win - it is Father's Day, after all!)


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