New Life Fitness World Surges to the Lead in our Readers' Choice Yoga Challenge

Patch wants to know where Iowa City residents like to do their yoga! Can the competitors catch up with Robin's Nest?

Update: Voting has been completed, and New Life Fitness World is our winner. Tune in later for an article on the contest.

Iowa City is a great town for yoga. In fact, we even host our very own yoga festival.

We're asking you to vote for your favorite yoga spot and to tell us why you voted. This will be similar to the we had a lot of fun running a few weeks ago. In this case, the winner will be determined with a poll and comments and reviews on the location rather than by just counting reviews. Reviews on the listings below or comments on this story referencing a specific yoga spot will count as five votes each.

You have one day left to vote for your favorite, add your comments and give your favorite yoga location a fab review on its business listing under the Patch Places tab. Encourage your friends to vote as well.

This morning at 9 a.m. we'll see which yoga spot got the most activity and will give the winning business a “Best of Iowa City Patch” certificate.

Here are the Best Yoga locations. 

Stephen Schmidt March 07, 2012 at 08:40 PM
Thanks Teresa, I'm definitely getting a sense that there is a lot of different levels of yoga ranging from casual to more intense to spiritual.
Mia March 08, 2012 at 06:19 AM
First of all, thank you for shining light on the yoga community in Iowa City. Admittedly, I was a wee bit perplexed by this contest (I saw a note for it up at the co-op and decided to put in my two cents). In 11 years of practicing yoga in Iowa City, I always loved every class I have taken. I do not believe there is a fair way to compare yoga studios. Being somewhat pragmatic, I will go to any studio that is offering a deal of some kind. Most recently, I bought a groupon for Robin's Nest and have enjoyed taking classes in a room with skylights and a fireplace. I love Zenergi yoga because of how friendly everyone is there; the studio itself reminds me of Colorado (where yoga became an extremely important part of my life) and it was built out of environmentally friendly materials. They, too sometimes have groupon deals. Core Fitness is a wonderful place to become introduced to yoga--they offer beginning levels to very advanced power yoga. Core has a steam room and a sauna and showers, as well as a variety of other classes too. Plus, it's one of the only places in town that offers child care while you take a yoga class. Unbeatable. Heartland is a gorgeous space and is one of the only places in town to offer Anusara yoga (my favorite kind) and Hot House has a West Coast feel. Downward Dog Yoga is great for bringing in special guest instructors. The point is: EVERYWHERE is a great place to practice yoga in Iowa City. We are lucky to have so many great studios here.
Stephen Schmidt March 08, 2012 at 05:13 PM
@Mia You make a fair point that the various styles of yoga make it difficult to compare them in any sense where one would be "better" than the other. The intent is to have a good-natured competition that will primarily serve to let the various yoga establishments promote themselves, and by a natural extension of this, promote this site and its free business directory. So I agree that as a pure competition this contest is flawed. But as a result of it I have been able to add yoga sites to my directory that were not in there before, and remove a yoga establishment from the directory that had closed. I have also learned quite a bit about yoga in this town (and yoga in general) that I didn't know before, and I hope this applies to the reading public as well. Your comment is helpful to that end, so thank you for that.
Chase Jameson March 09, 2012 at 11:47 AM
Kudos to Robin's Nest for a relatively amazing turn out. Of course New Life and North Dodge, with all of their members, should have easy "wins". They've also been around forever as local gyms. But Robin's Nest has been here only for MONTHS and held its own. I think this speaks highly of their personal, friendly, and dedicated approach. Their space is beautiful and the atmosphere relaxing. The fact that they share a building with the best integrated medical clinic, perhaps, in at least the Midwest is also pretty amazing. I'd love to see this poll done again annually and see how this baby bird does when she finally gets her wings - she's already trying to soar and doing a pretty good job. Congrats to all and, Robin's Nest, I want to see you fly!
Stephen Schmidt March 09, 2012 at 03:33 PM
It looks like New Life Fitness World is our winner. Congrats! Also kudos to all the yoga establishments involved. I'll have a write up about the contest later today featuring some of the comments from contributors to this thread.


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