Years After Big Ten Network Fiasco, is Mediacom Really that Bad? Survey Says...

A national survey ranked Mediacom below every other cable provider.


The Iowa City Press-Citizen is reporting today Mediacom has been voted as the worst cable company in the country in a Consumer Reports survey.

Mediacom, the dominant cable company in the state of Iowa, ranked at the bottom of a survey of 50,000 consumer reports readers for TV service, phone service and bundled telecom services. In Internet service, the company ranked only above satellite Internet providers WildBlue and HughesNet.

Disdain for Mediacom was likely at an all-time high a few years ago when the company was struggling to make a deal to carry the Big Ten Network, which has exclusive rights to televise many Hawkeye football games. That fiasco was resolved just before the 2008 season.

Now, customers are apparently most concerned with getting ripped off. Mediacom was given the worst "Value" score in four categories in the Consumer Reports survey.

So is Mediacom really the worst cable company in the country? Discuss in the comments section.

MediacomEmployee December 09, 2012 at 12:25 AM
I've been a tech for mediacom for 7years and I can tell you that me and other techs have preached to this company over and over about faulty equipment and don't seem to do anything. Over half of our equipment is bad in our trucks MOST of the time. the techs get scored against on the reviews by the company for repeat trouble calls, but most of our repeats are bad equipment. it seems as if they buy there equipment refurbed from comcast or something. we hardly ever get new equipment and if we do its a small amount. Also,for the longest time handing out used remotes. Now this is wrong! especially due to flue and cold seasons also during the h1n1 outbreak. they have started giving us all new remotes, but not enough. If a remote is not in a plastic sealed bag you shouldn't have to accept it. Please people don't blame the techs. we get enough bull from the company and we do everything we can do to get home everyday with a smile on our faces. Our company sucks and they make us lie to people or we lose our job.


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