Top 9 of Iowa: Drunken Sailor You Want to Meet, Iowa Sailor on 'Ellen' and 'Today Show', Cold Case Ends in Murder Charge

Federal agents carried hundreds of marijuana plants out of a Johnston house. Authorities said the house was the site of a marijuana-growing operation.

Why nine? Because the Patch community includes nine sites in Iowa: AnkenyAmesCedar FallsIowa CityJohnstonMarionUrbandale, Waukee and West Des Moines.

9. Here's a case where not all news is bad news, and for beer lovers (count me in) here's great news: a new microbrewery just opened up in Ankeny. Number 7 Brewing Co. offers a range of craft brews from kolsch, a light German-style pilsner, to the Drunken Sailor IPA to Coco Bessie, a milk stout which is a smooth, creamy stout with notes of coffee and dark chocolate. Yum!!

8. Up the road in Ames, in its second year a start-up local festival, Maximum Ames Music Festival, has a lineup of 100 bands, including Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel and rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson.

7. If you missed Taylor Morris' story the first time around, it is back and for good reason. Morris is a sailor from Cedar Falls, who lost parts of all four limbs in battle in Afghanistan this spring. The story of his injuries and recovery was well covered when it happened, and now is going viral nationally. . 

6. Fresh off speaking at the Democratic National Convention, Zach Wahls is back in Iowa City speaking with local talk show host Yale Cohn about many topics, including Chris Kluwe and other NFL players openly speaking out in support of making same-sex marriage legal.

5. The poor kids (and parents) in Waukee are again dealing with head lice. My skin is crawling just thinking about it.

4. Federal agents carried hundreds of marijuana plants out of a Johnston house this week. Authorities said the house was the site of a marijuana-growing operation and charged the house's resident. Neighbors said they smelled something funny -- literally.

3. An Iowa couple received a surprise wedding gift from the Obamas after the president crashed their wedding with a last-minute campaign stop at Living History Farms in Urbandale

2. West Des Moines Patch Editor Beth Dalbey lifts the curtain at Great Ape Trust, a non-profit that supports bonobos - rare, endangered chimpanzee-like apes found in the wild - to explore jarring accusations against Dr. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh.

1. A Marion man convicted of sexually assaulting an unidentified Iowa woman in 2009 has been convicted of murder in a decades-old California cold case.

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