The Union Bar's Infamous Dance Platform to Be No More?

The now most talked about bar dancing platform in Iowa City may have to be dismantled due to an order from the city.

This morning it was reported the city of Iowa City was not planning on taking any actions against the Union Bar for alleged discrimination based on the appearance of potential platform dancers.

Someone didn't tell the Iowa City department of Housing and Inspection Services.

Mitchell Schmidt of the Iowa City Press-Citizen is reporting that the department has told the bar to dismantle the platform because it violates city safety code.

The Iowa City Housing and Inspection Services department sent a formal violation order to The Union Bar at 121 E. College St. to remove a roughly four-foot square and four foot tall platform that did not meet building code requirements, said Code Enforcement Assistant Jann Ream.

“We have gone out, we have inspected and we have instructed the owners of the bar that they have to dismantle that stage,” Ream said. “None of it met code.”

The Union has until Friday to remove the platform.

The offending platform has gained national prominence after a University of Iowa student, Jordan Ramos, claimed she was prevented from dancing on it with her friends by bouncers who insulted her weight and appearance.

The Union Bar owner has since offered an apology for the incident, and now the platform is going to be removed. Still, Ramos is continuing a planned for Friday, as she says the issue has grown beyond the bar's platform.

Ramos said the protest is no longer just about size discrimination or the Union Bar, but rather all establishments that discriminate against patrons for any reason.

"I see this protest as a symbol and message to all establishments here and nationwide that this is not right, and people should not be able to deny customers the right to have access to what they are providing based on their appearance, their gender, or their sexual orientation," she said.


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