Donnelly's Pub Edges out Micky's as Iowa City's Favorite Place to go on St. Patrick's Day

Donnelly's is the winner of Iowa City Patch's Reader's Choice St. Patrick's Day challenge.

In a close contest,  edged out as the winner of our Reader's Choice Favorite Place in Iowa City to go on St. Patrick's Day Challenge. Congrats to Donnelly's!

Donnelly's won on the strength of two reviews on their business listings, which were worth a total of 40 votes due to my effort to encourage discussion about the establishments. The reviews were:

This place rocks and actually serves sweet potato fries, which is important to me! Great beer and quaint patio.

~ Lauren Murphie

Great, friendly staff! I picked Donnelly's for my favorite place to go on St. Patty's day because of their great tasting menu. Atmosphere is great, always playing some great music or has a game on. Always a cheap Irish car bomb waiting for me! And they do it right! Oh and best wings in Johnson County maybe anywhere, thick, steroid wings, variety of flavors, Jameson Hot is the way I go!

~ Nate Pollpeter

Micky's Irish pub came in second with the most votes, but no reviews. This comment did come in after the contest was over, however, that makes Micky's sound like a great destination to go on St. Patrick's Day.

Come to Micky's on Saturday for the best Corned Beef and Cabbage in town. Slow roasted, and cooked per order.

~ Beth McQuillen





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