Devotay Wins Iowa City Patch's Valentine's Day Rumble

With 33 reviews in the past week, Devotay comes out on top over competitors Orchard Green and Blackstone.

owner Kurt Friese says he's happy about winning Iowa City Patch's Valentine's Day . 

But he's even happier about how good the restaurants in Iowa City have gotten over the last few years.

"We're so pleased to see how the restaurant scene has grown and evolved over the 15 years Devotay has been here. Hopefully even more great area restaurants will be involved in Patch.com's future endeavors and will continue to support local food and local farms," Friese said.

The local tapas restaurant bested worthy competitors and  in a challenge to see which was Patch reader's favorite Valentine's Day spot. The competition was decided by which establishment received the most reviews in Patch's business directory.

Although this challenge has ended, readers can continue contributing to the community conversation by reviewing these restaurants and any other business in Iowa City in the Patch business directory

Each restaurant held leads for a time during the competition, and it looked like Orchard Green would pull it off before Devotay surged into the lead in the last few hours.

Friese said Devotay does things just a little bit different on Valentine evening.

"We do run our whole regular menu, but we also put together a degustation menu that's really nice for couples to share.  Plus, lots of folks are very excited about our new bar and signature cocktails," he said.

You can see Devotay's Valentine's menu here. Friese said some reservation spots are still available.

Some Reviews from the Challenge


Ryan O'Leary

I particularly like having a long lunch or attending a group function at this local gem. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the sandwiches and salads that I have tried, but my all time favorite will always be the paella. Whether it is with a group of 20 or just a table for two, nothing in Iowa City beats the saffron rice and morsels of seafood in this culinary wonder.

I met Kurt years and years ago, when his son wandered in to the old John Wilsons, from the farmer's market. Over the years, I have come to enjoy Kurt and Kim as friends and "neighbors", but mostly as stewards of sustainable food practices in Iowa. We are so lucky to have them in our state and in our community. Now go sign that petition for "Raise the Bar"!

Jordan Vernoy

My wife and I stopped in this restaurant looking for a decent meal, and were astounded by what we received. Honestly, it was one of the best meals and dining experiences I have ever had, and I can't stop telling all my friends. Who needs to go to Chicago for outstanding food when you can just make a stop in Iowa City!

Orchard Green

Michael Ott

Orchard Green has the best food in town by far! They use fresh seasonal ingredients and I have loved every meal I've ever had there. The atmosphere is warm and the staff is very friendly. They also have the best beer selection in town, so you can't go wrong spending an evening in the lounge downstairs trying out a few brews and having fun.

Kimberly Swanson

We go to some pretty swell restaurants in New York and Chicago and I always leave thinking the food is much better at Orchard Green. Honestly, I have never had anything but a delicious experience at Iowa City's best restaurant. Without fail we are greeted as friends and we know we are in for a treat. Brian REALLY knows how to cook- real food, beautifully presented. If Orchard Green has a weakness I can't find it.


Chelsie Serf

Blackstone is my all time favorite restaurant. Love their food, atmosphere, wide variety of beers both in bottles and on tap, and LOOOOVEEE their martini's! Perfect places to spend Valentines day!

Wes Wyatt

You had me at "Burgers" - Mmmmm!

Karen Briggs

You had me at "martinis."

Jewell Amos

The only problem I ever have when I go to Blackstone is making up my mind. Everything is so well made and the servers are all friendly and kind.


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