What Are Some Great Books for Summer Reading?: Iowa Patch Book Club

Have some books you're gearing up to read this summer? Have some great books you've read past summers that you'd want to recommend? Tell us about them in our Patch book club discussion.

It might be because my mother is a librarian, but I've always associated summer with reading.

Even now that I have grown into adulthood from that wee lad who would read novel after novel to acquire King Size Snicker Bars, I am still getting excited to do some summer reading. I want to catch up on some books that I've been meaning to finish, such as George R. R. Martin's cult classic "Game of Thrones" novels. You may have heard of them.

But what about you? Do you have books you're looking forward to read this summer? Do you have suggestions for summer reading for readers young and old? Let us know in Comments!

Sarah Prineas May 27, 2012 at 01:14 PM
And, for your kid readers, don't miss Ellen Boggess' Mia books, starting with Mia the Meek!
Caron Osberg May 28, 2012 at 03:43 PM
Yes, it's the same A.A. Milne!
IC Patch Submissions Poster June 13, 2012 at 04:06 AM
The Iowa City Book Festival Submitted this Summer Reading List for me to share: Check out our summer reading list: Teen: Iowa Princesses by Molly Backes Fiction: My American Unhappiness by Dean Bakapoulos Fiction: Love and Other Delusions by Larry Baker Non-Fiction: Stories From Up Country Lane by Evelyn Birkby Non-Fiction: By the Iowa Sea by Joe Blair Fiction: Frost by Wendy Delsol Fiction: Red, White and Blood by Christopher Farnsworth Memoir: Sheepish: Two Women, Fifty Sheep, and Enough Wool to Save the Planet by Catherine Friend Fiction: Heading Out to Wonderful by Robert Goolrick Fiction: Midwest Farmers Daughter: In Search of an American Icon by Zachary Micheal Jack Science: The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean Fiction: Theft by BK Loren Fiction: The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty Science/Medicine: The Beautiful Unbroken by Mary Jane Nealon Fiction: The Sharp Time by Mary O'Connell Mystery: The Risk Agent by Ridley Pearson Fiction: The Devil All the Time by Donald Pollock Non-Fiction: A Few Small Moments by Carol Scott-Conner Non-Fiction: Everything is Going to Be Great: An Underfunded and Overexposed European Grand Tour by Rachel Shuckert Fiction: This Bright River by Patrick Somerville Science: Wicked Bugs by Amy Stewart Non-Fiction: My Two Moms by Zach Wahls Science: Planet of Viruses by Carl Zimmer
Rob Daniel June 15, 2012 at 02:46 PM
I'm currently reading "In a Sunburned Country," native Iowan Bill Bryson's travelogue about Australia. So far, his writing has been everything I ever heard it would be.
L Key June 17, 2012 at 05:51 AM
I loved "The Game of Throne Series" but lately have been on an audiobook kick (in addition to my reading). I like listening to books on my 2 hour walks everyday. I listened to all the George R R Martin books (the narrator is excellent), I listened to the entire series of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" (LOVED IT) again the narrator was superb), also listened to "The Hunger Games" - narrator made this all fresh and new for me and I did not want it to end. For young readers (and young at heart as myself) a "must listen" (or read!) are all of the Artemus Fowl series. An Irish writer of a plethora of delightful characters, with a plot that includes fairy detectives, colorful dwarves, and a geek satyr all helping (or hindering) the solution of mysteries that need solved, read by Irishman makes for hours upon hours of delightful entertainment. This series is like giving your brain a vacation. Now listening to Fantasy writer, Scott Lynch's "The Gentleman Bastards" series. I am reading (in real book form) "The Hill Bachelors" by William Trevor and "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" by George V Higgens. I love summer because there are so many opportunities to both read and to listen to books. If you haven't tried audiobooks check out the Iowa City Public Library's e-media lending library. I have borrowed e-audiobooks, e-kindle and Nook books all while at home using the Overdrive Media software. Thanks for the suggestions!


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