USER GALLERY: Upload Your Iowa City Cat Photos Here

A specific gallery designed just for the finest in feline photography.

We've already posted user galleries where you can from around Iowa City, and another gallery where you can share your photos of Iowa City's in bloom.

Now I wanted to have another user specific gallery for all you cat fiends out there, who like me, believe the primary purpose of any camera should be to record the life and times of our cats.

Don't worry Iowa City dog lovers, I'll get to you guys, too. But for now upload your cat photos to this gallery, all you have to do is to contribute is to click the upload button underneath the gallery and select a cat photo from your computer or phone.

*Note: Both of these great cats incidentally are not mine, but instead belong to relatives, but I'd like to claim part ownership through my endeavors of recording their daily lives and giving them the attention they deserve. They were also both animals adopted from the .

Alison Gowans June 12, 2012 at 11:44 PM
Where did Mr. Adamson find all those cats? I pretty much love this gallery, by the way.


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