(VIDEO) A Great Sandra Dallas Find On Vacation: Iowa City Public Library Recommends

Every week we feature some Staff Picks from the Iowa City Public Library that you can check out from the library. This week we spoke with Kara Logsden about a fun find on her vacation.

Every week we feature new staff picks by the  staff.

This week, we spoke with Kara Logsden, a community services coordinator. Logsden said while on vacation in Colorado she happened upon books by Sandra Dallas, a Colorado author, that she hadn't realized Dallas had written. Logsden tells us in this video why Dallas is such a good read full of great details, and how one of her books has an Iowa connection

You can learn more about other staff picks at the Iowa City library by visiting their Staff Picks blog. For some other book suggestions, check out the suggestions in our Iowa Patch Book Club discussion. In our most recent book club post, we're asking people .

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