(PHOTOS) Iowa City Protesters Rally Against Union Bar, Size Discrimination

In reaction to the perceived discrimination by the Union Bar, protesters stood in solidarity amongst Friday night bar revelers, some of whom weren't fans of the protest.

Following a week of controversy, University of Iowa student Jordan Ramos led a protest rally Friday night against discrimination of all types, specifically sizeism-- a form of discrimination based on body size.

The event was held outside where Ramos says she was barred from dancing on a platform by Union bouncers who insulted her appearance, particularly .

A story last weekend in the Iowa City Press-Citizen sparked controversy that rippled its way up to several national outlets. Even though the city of Iowa City has ordered the Union to dismantle the offending platform , and the Union's owner has offered Ramos an apology, Ramos decided to carried on with the protest to fight other similar incidents that have happened to people in Iowa City based on their appearance, race, or sexual orientation.

The group of protesters walked into the Ped Mall as a group, very quietly, and said nothing once they formed in the plaza area. The group didn't speak, and held up the signs for at least an hour and half. They were heckled often by college-aged passers by who were headed to their usual nighttime destinations.

"Let's go the Union, we know THEY won't be there," joked a member of one group as they passed the assembling protesters.

The taunts garnered no responses from the protesters, who gathered in a loose circle and held their signs as they listened to Ramos speak. Some people stood on the planters to watch, as curious onlookers gathered to take in the protest.

As for the Union Bar, it looked as busy as usual for a Friday night.

Maria Houser Conzemius May 05, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Smart college students already boycott the Union.


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